Just like falling in love, words cannot fully describe the exquisite feeling of Dr. Foot Fix. Let your feet fall in love. Introduce them to our Dr. Foot Fix therapeutic foot soak - a wonderful treatment made with natural oils and salts.


Let your feet fall in love...

Developed by an active fellow with achy feet

A Little History

How Did Dr Foot Fix Come to Be?

If you are reading this, chances are you have at least one foot. If you have one foot, or even two or three, chances are at some point in life, they will hurt. Chances are even better that they hurt often. Dr Foot Fix was developed by an active fellow who had achy feet one too many times. After getting bamboozled into backpacking mount Whitney for his first hike, his feet hurt. A lot. For weeks.

Like most of us, he referenced the Dewey Decimal System at the local library to research the best way to cure foot pain. Just kidding. He went on Amazon and purchased all of the products for foot pain. After waiting the now standard 4 days for the “2-Day Amazon Prime Delivery,” both his feet and wallet hurt after realizing the soaks and rubs did a whole lot of nothing.

Desperate feet call for desperate measures. Undergrad Chemistry, phone calls to real doctors, manufacturing facilities combined with a few prayers and Dr. Foot Fix was born.

Rip open the package and your nose will signal you have something special in your hands. Some users even report that the smell alone will cause their feet to start salivating. Empty the contents in the circulating foot bath and give it a few minutes. You’ll soon feel it and you’ll know its working. After soaking, you’ll then feel the second wave of treatment when you remove your feet from the tub.

Just like falling in love, words will never be able to fully describe the exquisite feeling of Dr. Foot Fix. Let your feet fall in love. Introduce them to Dr. Foot Fix.

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Dr Foot Fix is Made in the USA

Dr Foot Fix sources and packages our foot soak product in the USA in a convenient one time use pouch ideal for travel or home use, ensuring the freshest and most effective product.